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For the active cancer patient

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Be accepted was created in cooperation and with the support of ESR


Our partners

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all those who have contributed to the creation of Be accepted. With your help, something great has been created for so many women!

We thank our friends and families, and especially our children. Johannes, Alexander, Patrick, Franzi and Tassilo, who are there for us every day with childlike understanding, justified criticism, openness and curiosity. Georg, thank you for walking our path together with me and giving me the freedom to follow my intuition! We love you very much!

With the strategic support of:

The printing of the first Edition of the Magazine was sponsored by:​



Harald Wengust

Diana Orgovanyi

Christine Justich

Hans und Margret Roth

Legally, we only exists because of:

Product Sponsorship for the Be accepted so that we can stay on it on the Future:

Graphic design, web design, branding & PR:​

Marco de Felice
Yana Boyer - Telmer

Photos and image film:

Graciella Jurado Robles
Romano Architecture
Mag.ª Gabriele Schiller
Markus Wogrolly - Coyote Filmproduktion


Our lectors:​


Mag.ª Andrea Bischel


Kerstin Boszych

Aidan Boyd- Thorpe

Sergio Jurado


Dr. John Fox

Laura van Houtryve

Caroline Coen


Mag.ª Barbara Umbgrove

Ulla Offenbeck

Mercedes Steinbach

We owe our content to:

Univ. Prof.. Dr. Michael Fuchsjäger

Dense Breast Tissue


Priv. DzIn  Schila Sabeti – Sandor

Assoc. Prof. Priv. Doz. Dr. Rupert Bartsch

Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Singer

Ingeborg Brandl Margit Bartl

Univ. Prof. Dr. Florian Fitzal

OA  Andrea Auer  Anke Scharrer  Caroline Coen  Nina Fuchsjäger

Prim. Univ. Prof.  Schratter – Sehn

Mag. Kurt Pröll

Nicole Lotz

Evelyn Steinthaler

Mag.ª Katharina Wogrolly

Dr. Ehrenberger Bio- und Naturprodukte

Mag.ª Barbara Herscovici

Georg Alexander Wagner

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