Be accepted

For the active cancer patient
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About us

Foto (from left ro right) Judith Tscheppe & Caro Justich

Caro knows what it means to be diagnosed with cancer. Judith knows the topic of cancer as a family member.

We both love to laugh and live and we manage to focus on the positive, no matter how difficult it seems.

We want to be your companions, motivators and informants on the good and bad days and accompany you on your personal “rollercoaster ride”. We cannot promise a cure, but we will help you to make this time, your “new” life, as positive and beautiful as possible.

Successful treatment is often not a miracle, but the result of a well-functioning team of doctors, environment and active, consistent patients.

The magazine is your guide that bridges the gap between conventional and complementary medicine and gives you a head start in time and knowledge with well-founded information.

With BE accepted we give you a perspective with which you can immediately start to be an active patient.

ACCEPT – VISUALISE – ACT – KEEP ACTING.” This is the guiding principle that sums up what matters now!

The goal is to be able to receive as many conventional medical treatments as possible. For this you have to support yourself by strengthening yourself physically and mentally permanently, because your body and your mind have to perform at their best, similar to top athletes. We will introduce you to the possibilities from which you can choose which ones are best for you. All the methods we show you are effective and easy to apply in everyday life. It is about the combination and application of all categories.

Many studies worldwide, including one by Stanford University, have shown that the chance of healing is significantly increased through a sensible and concrete combination of conventional and complementary medicine.

In addition to the print magazine, there is our website, which works like a cloud to provide you with all the necessary impulses to “keep up”. With the website, we want to open up the know-how of the leading experts and a world full of possibilities for all women, which is available to you at low cost. You will find videos, courses, talks, podcasts, expert videos, a chat room, recipes and a shop. The topic of “being a woman, staying a woman” is especially close to our hearts. Because even if cancer hits us in our primal femininity, we are still women who want to feel and live our femininity.

It is your life, cancer is part of it now. Decide for it and find out what you are capable of! We are here for you and know that you are stronger than what is coming.

Home of the smart 8

The 8 tentacles of the octopus represent the rubrics of Be accepted. They all work well on their own, but the octopus can only achieve peak performance when they are used together. It’s the same with our bodies. More and more studies around the world, including Stanford University, are showing that the chance of healing is increased by the sensible combination of conventional and complementary medicine. In our 8 sections we show you how you can strengthen yourself psychologically and physically in the best possible way in order to be able to receive as many conventional medical treatments as possible. Each section shows different options, from which you can choose which one is the most suitable for you. It is not important which one you choose, only that you become active and use the power from the combination of all.