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For the active cancer patient
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Be Supplements & Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal herbs – valuable helpers from nature

The knowledge of the healing power of plants is as old as mankind itself. Records of European monastery gardens of the Middle Ages are sometimes to thank for the fact that this knowledge has been passed on until today. Hildegard von Bingen was one of the most famous healers, who is often quoted even today.

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Food supplements

Natural diversity to support and strengthen the immune system

Humans have always turned to nature and used plants for their specific properties. Whether in the form of spices with health-promoting properties or traditional medicinal plant applications of the various folk remedies. Food supplements, as the name suggests, supplement the diet with those substances that are increasingly lacking in food due to nutrient-poor soils, chemical crop protection and cultivation that is far removed from nature.

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Homeopathy in oncology

“Cure like with like” is the principle of homeopathic therapy. This means that the symptoms that a homeopathic medicine triggers in a healthy person are cured in the case of illness. The medicines are potentised, which means that they are not simply diluted, but shaken according to a very precisely defined method. The basic substances are obtained from plant, animal and mineral raw materials, even poisons or pathogens are used.

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