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Emotion Code

“Everything is energy, and that’s the whole trick.” At least that’s how Albert Einstein supposedly once put it…. So physical or emotional states of a human being are also just a form of energy.

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Radiological examinations

Inquired with Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Fuchsjäger; The role of radiologists is indisputably one of the most important in the course of cancer. The sooner radiologists become aware of irregularities, the earlier any disease is detected and treatment can be started. They are the first point of contact for patients with questions and are the doctors who refer patients to surgery, oncology or gynecology for further treatment planning. All treatment plans, although not determined by radiologists alone, are based on radiological examinations and diagnoses.

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BI RADS are indicated in the findings. This is a decision and management-oriented reporting system implemented in the 1990s that defines the further diagnostic procedure depending on the presence of abnormal changes.

In total, there are 7 different categories.

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Dense breast tissue

Knowledge saves lifes!
Breasts that are classified as either heterogeneously dense (category B) or extremely dense (category D), are considered “dense breasts.”

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Chemotherapy and the heart

We have talked to Priv. Doz. Dr. Schila Sabeti- Sandor; Before starting an oncological therapy, not only a timely internal checkup should be performed but also a so-called “Base Risk Assessment”.

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Inquired at Assoc. Prof. Priv-Doz. Dr. Rubpert Bartsch; When in the course of breast cancer do patients see an oncologist?

We usually see only those patients with early breast cancer for whom systemic therapy is planned. These are patients who are to receive pre- or post-operative chemotherapy with or without immunotherapy. In addition, patients with anti-hormonal treatment are also cared for, whereby this can also take place at our centre at the Clinic for Surgery.

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Breast Health Centre

Inquired with Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Singer; What is a breast health center? A breast health centre is an interdisciplinary organisation of different medical departments dedicated to the treatment of breast carcinoma.

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Advice from a Cancer Nurse

Inquired with Ingeborg Brandl; Clothing; The onion skin look is very helpful right now. This way you can adjust your clothing at any time, regardless of how warm you feel, and feel comfortable.

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