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For the active cancer patient
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Advice from a Cancer Nurse

We have talked to

Ingeborg Brandl

Nursing expert and qualified nurse

Breast Care Nurse

Vienna General Hospital


The onion look is very helpful especially now. This way you can adjust your clothing at any time, regardless of how warm you feel, and feel comfortable. If you get cold quickly, take a large scarf with you. Clothing that can be unbuttoned is recommended to make it easier to reach the catheter or PAC.


Bring a snack of your choice! Healthy, chemotherapy supportive, tasty and easy to prepare snacks can be found on the website.

You should eat something during your chemotherapy.

However, you should not eat grapefruit, St John’s wort, chokeberry and green tea without first checking with your oncologist/oncologist. These foods may interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment.


As the medicines are only released when the patient arrives and after the blood results have been checked, we cannot prepare them in advance. This leads to waiting times.

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