Be accepted

For the active cancer patient
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Be Family & Friends

Do I tell my child?

I have cancer.
No, not the little crabs we always collect on the beach in Italy, my cancer is a disease. You can’t see it at the moment, it’s inside me, hidden in the tiny cells that my body is made of. My doctor found it anyway, thank God.

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Community and spirituality as a health booster

Good interpersonal relationships are not only pleasant and enriching on a spiritual level, but also healthy for physical well-being.

Time travel to Roseto, Pennsylvania, 1960s:

Scientists took notice of Roseto because the rate of heart attacks in the small town was much lower than in the neighboring towns. And this despite the fact that the inhabitants did not eat healthier or exercise more in any way, nor did they despise tobacco products and alcohol. For decades, scientists conducted studies to clarify the phenomenon of outstanding health.

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Accept help

Accept help, keep your environment positive and choose your companions “smart”.

Many people worry about others finding out about their illness. Be it because of their career, their credit rating at the bank or the loss of their identity and the accompanying label as a cancer patient.

It is also often deeply ingrained in us that we have to solve our problems alone.

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