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For the active cancer patient
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Be Caro

Parah Parah

I am Caro. Some friends call me “Lionsita”. Probably because my lion’s mane goes so well with my star sign. I rise above myself in stressful situations and show strength, but in “normal life” I am more relaxed, like a lion. I had a very wise grandmother who loved to pass on her wisdom in

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Patient – Doctors – Talks

Read BE, especially the conventional medicine part before your first doctor’s appointment.

This will give you a quick overview and valuable information. With this knowledge, you will be able to communicate with your doctor at eye level from the beginning and ask questions that you would not have considered otherwise. Good preparation is the cornerstone of team building between you and your practitioner.

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Order is half the battle

In the case of cancer this sentence has a very special meaning, as well as justification.

It is about your life and your time, which now seems even more valuable than ever before.

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