Be accepted

For the active cancer patient

Accept – Visualize – Act – Keep Acting

Don’t waste your time, it’s more valuable now than ever!

Be Accepted gives you a head start and saves you time.

Accept what is, recognize the situation and get a general overview.

The important thing is how you accept the situation and what you do with it. You cannot change what is happening, but you can choose how to react. You can take control. Anyone can be a victim, but playing the role of a victim is voluntary and individual.

Realize that you can contribute a lot.

The fear is there, unfortunately no one can take that away from you. What you can do is become aware of the fact that the body switches to survival mode through fear and prolonged negative stress. This causes adrenaline and the body’s own cortisol to be released, which allows you to run far and fast for a short period of time. Nevertheless it does weaken your immune system in the long run. Your task however is to strengthen the immune system and through various measures, create an environment in which cancer does not feel comfortable.