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For the active cancer patient

Be Psychologically strong

Breathing exercise

I am Caro. Some friends call me “Lionsita”. Probably because my lion’s mane fits so well with my star sign. I rise above myself in stressful situations and show strength, but in “normal life” I am more relaxed, like a lioness.

I had a very wise grandmother who loved to pass on her wisdom in the form of sayings. Her “No matter what happens to you – you just have to know how to help yourself” became a guideline for me and is still my favourite saying of hers. 

I have a lot. A great husband, three wonderful sons, an amazing mother, a big family, great friends and I have metastatic breast cancer.

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Mantras are “sounding bodies” of a spiritual power that are meant to manifest in this world through repetitive repetition for at least 5 minutes. You can whisper them, speak them, chant them or repeat them in your mind. After that, you should remain in absolute silence and stillness for some time.

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The victim role and why we want to let it go!

Edith Eiger is a renowned psychologist, world-renowned speaker and author. Above all, however, she is a fascinating example of how one can positively shape one’s life in a self-determined way despite the most terrible traumatic experiences. Her story is that of a 16-year-old girl who had to dance for one of the cruelest Nazis in Auschwitz, saw her mother go into the gas chamber, and was rescued half-dead from a pile of corpses by the Allies at the end of the war. Today she helps people around the globe deal with their traumas.

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Get up – wipe off – fix the crown – move on

Lucy Hones is an Australian scientist, psychologist, resilience expert and best-selling author. She is the director of the New Zealand Institute of Resilience and Wellbeing and a senior researcher at the University of Canterbury.

When her 12-year-old daughter was killed in a tragic car accident in 2014, she was catapulted from the position of resilience expert to that of a grieving mother in an instant. She needed hope. Since she wanted to actively shape her grieving process, she decided to put her theoretical knowledge into practice from then on.

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Stress management and empowerment in challenging times – MBSR

When it comes to integrating alternative methods into conventional medicine, Jon Kabat Zinn is the king of mindfulness. As early as the end of the 1970s, the American physician developed a programme at the Medical Center of the University of Massachusetts that is practised in clinics around the world under the name Mindfulness-based stress reduction – MBSR for short – almost 40 years later.

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Optimize your life!

Live the day!

It is important that you motivate yourself every day anew, to work consciously and actively on your health, to live your life in the now, reduce your stress, to make every day beautiful and to decide every day anew for your life.

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Auntie Superhero Tina

Auntie Superhero Tina!

Franz did a good job!

My good friend Franz called me. He said: “Listen, I met Tina yesterday. I know you have to cope with your situation now, but you know, she has also been diagnosed with cancer, has to undergo chemotherapy and so on. You have a similarly strong character, you fit together well, why don’t you “throw yourselves in a pack”?

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