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For the active cancer patient
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Ursel Barnes on the wisdom of Qi Gong

Numerous studies have now proven the positive effects of Qi Gong on the
Immune system, stress management, mobility, fatigue, quality of life and concentration.

Ursel Barnes, Qi Gong Master Student of Grandmaster Li

about the wisdom of Qi Gong

“Qi Gong is a millennia-old wisdom that existed before Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or also the Tai Chi gave. It was born from a desire of the heart of the people, that heaven may make it rain so that the earth may receive the water and produce a harvest can produce. For this, people have turned first to heaven and then to earth and in this flow of movement recognized that energies have arisen that flowed through them are. Qi Gong has developed from this condition. At that time, people developed special abilities and could recognize the body with their inner eye. They gave the various Places on the body names like “earth gate under the feet” or “heaven gate at the top of the crown”. Later, more precise names were added, such as the acupuncture points in TCM.

Qi Gong uses the energy around us and harmonizes the flow of energy in the different layers of our body. On the outside the skin protects us, with acupressure you can use your fingers to make points on the stimulate the body and thus stimulate the flow of energy. Acupuncture with needles goes into deeper layers of the body and can thus bring the energy in the pathways, also called meridians, into flow and release energetic blockages.

Qigong practitioners use the power of imagination. With it you can go into the depths of the body where you can only get with inner visualization. The energy follows the Attention. For example, if you focus your attention long and hard enough on the Hands, the energy follows her and then the blood, so at some point the hands become warm.

In Qi Gong we also use the breath. Inhalation and exhalation become slower and slower and softer. At some point, the breath becomes a flow of energy that just expands or contracts or also ascends and descends. When we feel how pleasantly the energy feels in the body, we can more easily let go of our thoughts. As long as we think, thoughts “steal” our energy. Our energy then flows to where our thoughts are going carry us and do not remain in the body or in our exercise. Also watching television or the Cell phone demand our energy. For qigong it is important to learn to let go of thoughts and to turn the gaze inward. In my Qi Gong sessions I offer different techniques for the body and for the breath on, also to calm the mind. Because we are often faced with our Emotions in the way to let go of thoughts and find peace in the heart. Ultimately we practice Qigong with the heart, and we want to achieve a certain state of emptiness and distance from achieve disturbing emotions. Then a feeling of well-being and peace can come into us come in, and with that feeling, we can keep practicing.”

What is the significance of qigong now for people with cancer?

Cancer can quickly cause anxiety as we fear for our life or the life of someone we love. fear. In Qi Gong we try to let go of energies that are not good for us. We can of course not say that we cure cancer, but we can cure emotions that are not good for us, such as Get rid of fears and anger so that the heart can calm down and we can to some extent of acceptance can come with our journey and its various stops. With the help of Qi Gong we can go deeper and deeper, reach deeper and deeper layers and in the best case with a lot of practice, we can reach those layers that enable truly profound changes.

I always like to invite people to start qigong from the outside, that is, with the skin, with acupuncture and with shaking exercises to clear certain cloudy energy, or simply feelings that we don’t do good to let go. As soon as we let go of this energy, we can also get fresh energy from around us. around, that is, from the sky, the earth, perhaps trees and nature. Already alone with it, a certain soothing and peaceful feeling can arise. If we then still absorb more energy, we learn to let this positive energy circulate within us and ultimately to release blockages with it. But we can also become calmer through the breath. reach In this way, too, we can absorb further energy that is good for us.

So overall we want to change our bodies, our breath and our mind in the sense of the heart change and calm emotions.