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Breathing exercise

In order to be able to use breathing correctly in stressful situations, you must first develop a basic awareness of your own breathing. You can start with the following seemingly simple yet very effective exercise. If you do it consistently for a week, you will develop a basic awareness of your breathing.
Pick one daily activity that you do every day. It is important that it is something you don’t have to concentrate on, i.e. an automated activity, and that it doesn’t stress you out. For example, making coffee or tea. For illustrative purposes we will use the example of making tea.
Whenever you fill the kettle with water and switch it on, consciously pay attention to your breathing. Breathe in consciously, feel how your breath enters your body through your nose. Try to consciously notice how your ribcage rises and falls, feel how the air flows out of your nose again…. With each inhalation feel how the breath deepens, notice how your belly expands and contracts. Breathe out consciously. Three breaths are enough to break the stress cycle.

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