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Get up – wipe off – fix the crown – move on

Resilience only needs simple processes and the willingness to try them out!

Lucy Hone

“The three secrets of resilient people”


Lucy Hones is an Australian scientist, psychologist, resilience expert and best-selling author. She is the director of the New Zealand Institute of Resilience and Wellbeing and a senior researcher at the University of Canterbury.

When her 12-year-old daughter was killed in a tragic car accident in 2014, she was catapulted from the position of resilience expert to that of a grieving mother in an instant. She needed hope. Since she wanted to actively shape her grieving process, she decided to henceforth put her theoretical knowledge into practice from.

There is a wide variety of strategies for learning resilience. Hones has relied on 3 of them:


Suffering and grief are part of life.

When something tragic happens to resilient people, they do not feel disadvantaged. On the contrary, they know that these experiences are part of life and that of course they are not immune to them.

The real problem is often that we live in a society where almost no one is aware of this any more.

In the assumption that we have a right to a permanently carefree, happy and joyful life, this knowledge slips into the background. Instagram, Facebook & Co with all the loving, laughing and satisfied faces make this glittering life seem real. Although we secretely know that reality does not correspond with this fabricated life, we are led to forget this.

Therefore, learn to accept the way life is.

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