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For the active cancer patient
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First steps

Find a summary of all the necessary first steps here. We have bundled the most important and significant steps and things to do. Find detailled information throughout the whole magazine.

Step 1

Orthodox medicine

Critical findings:

Further clarification is required

Radiologist answers questions


Biopsy or further radiological Investigations

Step 2

Orthodox medicine

preparation for MRT, ultrasound, mammography

On the examination day:

  • no deodorants with aluminium
  • no body cream
  • no cosmetic products with glitter
  • Ideally, abstain from coffee and nicotine on the day of the examination
  • bring a list of all medicines you are taking and of all your previous operations and pre-existing conditions (type, time)
  • bring your implants passport
  • Inform your doctor about cancer incidence in the family.

Physically and mentally strong

Write down all your questions 


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