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For the active cancer patient
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Order is half the battle

Order is half the battle

In the case of cancer this sentence has a very special meaning, as well as justification. It is about your life and your time, which now seems even more valuable than ever before. Therefore, use everything that allows you to have more time, life time, and optimize it.

Organize yourself!

How does it work?

1.  Create a folder with dividers

In it you collect all findings. Arrange them chronologically according to subject areas.

At the beginning of the folder create a table of contents

Always ask your doctors to print out either your blood counts or your journal and to give them to you.

Radiological imaging you will either receive printed as radiographic images or in the form of a CD, collect these also in one place.

Time saver #1: If you know where things are, you never have to search. Doctors love organized patients, it makes their work much easier, which in turn saves you valuable time.

I also recommend to always make copies of the respective findings to pass them on to your doctors, this way you keep the overview, information does not get lost, all important information reaches your practitioner in a collected form and the originals do not get lost. The best thing to use is clear protective sheets that can be opened from the side. The original is in the front, the copies behind it. Alternatively, you can compile your findings in the form of a copy before your visit and take it with you. Then you save yourself the heavy lugging.

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