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Food supplements

Natural diversity to support and strengthen the immune system

Humans have always turned to nature and used plants for their specific properties. Whether in the form of spices with health-promoting properties or traditional medicinal plant applications of the various folk remedies. Food supplements, as the name suggests, supplement the diet with those substances that are increasingly lacking in food due to nutrient-poor soils, chemical crop protection and cultivation that is far removed from nature.

“It is important to remember that a plant draws all the nutrients it needs from the medium in which it grows with its roots. What it does not draw from the soil, air and water available to it, it does not receive and therefore cannot pass on. The same applies to human beings. What we do not take in, we lack in our metabolism. This makes food supplements interesting for many people in the long run, because the body needs certain nutrients so that all vital bodily functions can run normally,” explains Barbara Klettner, Managing Director at Ehrenberger Bio- und Naturprodukte.

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