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For the active cancer patient

Emotion Code

Everything is energy, and that’s the whole trick.” At least that’s how Albert Einstein supposedly once put it…. So physical or emotional states of a human being are also just a form of energy. The Body Code is a system that is able to find and release energies that are causing discomfort, illness and suffering in your body and spirit.
What is energy work?
Everything, and all of us, are made of energy in a different frequency, i.e. vibration. The tangible, but also the intangible is nothing but pure energy! There are infinitely many different energies, e.g. electrical, magnetic, radio waves, light, sound, colour, cosmic and many more. A scientific textbook can explain this well.
So far we can also state: Everything we experience, happen to us or ingest, every thought generates energy or changes it. Therefore, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, emotions or memories are also part of it. From this point of view, it is obvious to everyone how important it is for the general state of health to be energetically balanced.
Energy work includes various methods and techniques that try to balance the energy vibrations and flow. It promotes physical and emotional well-being. It combines powerful physical, mental and spiritual aspects to activate the self-healing powers and fight against the deeper causes rather than symptoms.
The Body Code® System – Repair – not repeat!
The Body Code® is a patented, revolutionary energy balancing system designed to help find the root causes of ailments, illness and disease in the body and mind.
The body is the last level to rebel when something in our energy flow is too out of balance. It tries to communicate this by developing symptoms. With the Body Code it is not only possible to detect such imbalances or possible causes, but one also has the possibility to correct them. This paves the way for health, love and creative development.
Muscle testing
The Body Code works closely with the subconscious mind. It is believed that our subconscious has a great influence on how we feel and behave – indeed, it knows what is good for us to feel better. Kinesiology muscle testing and the special question system of the Body Code can be used to contact the subconscious and answer

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