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For the active cancer patient
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Ursel Barnes on the wisdom of Qi Gong

Numerous studies have now proven the positive effects of Qi Gong on theImmune system, stress management, mobility, fatigue, quality of life and concentration. Ursel Barnes, Qi Gong Master Student of Grandmaster Li about the wisdom of Qi Gong “Qi Gong is a millennia-old wisdom that existed before Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or also the Tai

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Dissolving physical and mental blockages with the Grinberg Method

Strengthening ourselves psychologically also means facing our emotions, recognizing where they are stored in the body, what patterns we have learned with what physical and psychological effects, and above all, which of them are contrary to our need for clarity, relaxation, and and liveliness. One way to achieve this is through the Grinberg Method, a

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We are Caro & Judith

Caro knows what it means to be diagnosed with cancer. Judith knows the topic of cancer as a family member.

We both love to laugh and live and we manage to focus on the positive, no matter how difficult it seems.

We want to be your companions, motivators and informants on the good and bad days and accompany you on your personal “rollercoaster ride”.

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Emotion Code

„Alles ist Energie, und das ist der ganze Trick.“ So zumindest hat es Albert Einstein angeblich mal ausgedrückt…

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