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Dr. Andrea Auer

Specialist in Anaesthesiology, Specialist in Intensive Care Medicine

Hospital of the Brothers of Mercy, Vienna

As an anaesthetist, are you also part of the tumour board?

In a tumour board, oncologists and treating surgeons decide together with the radiologists who interpret the imaging which therapy is indicated for the patient. The anaesthetists are then informed and togehter we discuss the patient’s general state of health, possibly special examinations are ordered and the appropriate anaesthetic procedure is selected.

When does the patient see her anaesthetist for the first time?

Before every medical intervention and therefore also before every operation, a preliminary discussion takes place between the patient and the anaesthetist. It usually takes place at least 24 hours before the planned intervention, in a so-called pre-anaesthesia outpatient clinic.

I see most patients 2 to 3 weeks before the procedure. We discuss pre-existing conditions, allergies and I assess possible risk factors. And of course, the appropriate anaesthetic procedure is chosen. The consultation also gives patients the opportunity to calmly address their questions and concerns.

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