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Auntie Superhero Tina

Find your very own chemo friend!
It's true that a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved! All the more so when you share the same fate.

My good friend Franz called me. He said: "Listen, I met Tina yesterday. I know you have to cope with your situation now, but you know, she has also been diagnosed with cancer, has to undergo chemotherapy and so on.  You two have a comparably strong character, you would be a good match, why don't you team up?

I was just like, "What? "

I always liked Tina a lot, but we have never been incredibly close. We got along well in superficial encounters. This Icelandic beauty with her winning laugh and I often had fun together, but it never went deep.

But going back to the suggestion it did not seem possible . Come on, how should I now also care about the issues and the problems of others?

I can't do that at the moment!

Tina thought exactly the same thing. Because clever as Franz is, he had of course approached her as well!

We were both overwhelmed with our new living situation. Too busy with ourselves we did not think about the fact that it could be a win-win situation. 

But then I wrote to her after all; to tell her at least that I was sorry she had to go through this too. 

We immediately talked to each other on the phone and after the first few words dropped all, really all our guards. 

The next day we met.

This was the best decision.  Tina and the decision are among the most important and valuable things of my life.

I love her, I love us. During the chemos I loved our honesty, our sadness, our hope, our humour, our wit, our deep understanding of each other.


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