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Forest bathing

Strengthening with the help of nature

Forest bathing has long been a recognised form of therapy in Japan, and is even covered by health insurance as part of preventive health care. The stress-reducing effect of spending time in the forest has been scientifically proven, as has the lowering of cortisol levels and the positive effect on blood pressure and pulse. The overall stress level is lowered and that as we know, causes a positive psychological change.

Forest bathing – a walk and conscious awareness of the surrounding nature.

Forest bathing – an introductory guide:

– Stay in the forest for at least 2 hours.

– The length of the walk does not matter, it should be pleasantly manageable. It is more about experiencing the forest in a mindful way than .

– If you are tired, rest as long as you want.

– Take water or unsweetened tea against thirst.

– Choose a place you like and stay there for a while. You can meditate or read, but above all you should enjoy the purity of the forest.

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