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Healing hands and a keen sense of science

Prim. Univ. Doz. Dr. Schratter – Sehn’s life path has, according to her own statement, resulted from many coincidences. She also came to radiotherapy by chance. She used to work in pathology, but a senior physician poached her because he thought she would be better off in radiation oncology because she had such a big heart. She followed his call. In today’s hospital in Favoriten, away from the city centre, she wanted to create a department that would be a leader and trend-setter in its field. She succeeded in this after leading the department as a primaria for only a few years. In the background, however, she always had the thought that she would also like to have a psychological training.

“A friend took me to a lecture on provocative therapy at Farrelly in 1993. There a lady laid the tarot cards for me and said a prince will come and change my life. I just thought to myself “what nonsense”. But then Dr. Kanzian came and said he would give me magnetism. He said I had these abilities, he himself was seriously ill and had to give up his practice. It was the tradition of magnetisers to pass on healing magnetism and he would hand it over to me.”

Until his death, Dr. Kanzian was a patient, but above all a mentor and teacher of Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Schratter – Sehn. He had himself magnetised three times a week by Schratter – Sehn and was thus able to continue his practice until he was 90 years old in 2008. Every Wednesday she took over his office hours in the practice on Opernring.

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