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Nutrition according to the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


The science of Chinese dietetics goes back thousands of years and is the basis of Chinese medicine. There has never been a separation between herbal medicine and food; both areas are understood and applied as medicine. Even today, you can twist and turn it however you want: without appropriate nutrition, there is no health.

In the jungle of western nutritional sciences, Chinese nutritional science sees itself as a timeless model of thought with flexible possibilities for adaptation to constitutional requirements. The application possibilities are not limited to ingredients or additives that promise a global effect, but draw from the rich fund of foods from our climate zone, adapted to our life situation and constitution. The TCM nutritional recommendation is always adapted to the illness or imbalance and can consist of a few and simple foods, as we basically assume that not all foods are suitable for all people. It is therefore a matter of finding the right part of the food and the corresponding cooking methods for us.

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