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Ingenious eating – a full day guide

Why do I like it so much? Because it is so good for me!

For me, it’s mainly about my own feeling. Since I changed my diet so radically, I really miss certain foods. What I miss most is sticking my fork into a plate of simple pasta, with a really brilliant tomato sauce, and turning the pasta onto it. The twirling of the fork in my hand, the smell of the sauce, the olive oil making up the consistency of the sauce and its colour standing out, that’s what I miss. Imagine a good pasta in Italy, you are relaxed and in really good company, which of course adds to the positive experience. But afterwards you feel full, tired and weak. Which is not a problem on holiday, but it is in everyday life, especially in situations where you need to strengthen your body.

But since I didn’t want to give up that feeling, I looked for alternatives.

I know that people are often overwhelmed by recipes and their ingredients and that the actual incorporation in everyday life has certain hurdles. For me, it was so refreshing to find out how small banal changes can make a really big difference. Especially for my wellbeing. Sometimes it is even so obvious that it seems too simple to notize. That’s why I’m giving you an idea of what one of my “genius food” days looks like.


Out of habit, I usually ate a piece of bread or muesli, with a latte coffee.

Today is different. Already while I prepare my breakfast, I drink a fragrant lemon water. It is prepared in no time from hot water and a freshly squeezed ripe organic lemon. I often add turmeric and black pepper. The effect of turmeric is increased a thousandfold by the black pepper.

Then I make myself an avocado with cream cheese and raspberries or mango pieces.

Alternatively, an egg dish and if I ever need the “bread feeling”, I use a piece of cucumber or kohlrabi and replace it with that. Ham and cheese can also be put on these and it tastes delicious. Especially in the morning, the sugar level is high and it is good to be careful not to increase it further.

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