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Breast reconstruction

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Dr. med. univ. Nina Fuchsjäger

Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

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What are the options for breast reconstruction?

Basically, a distinction is made between breast reconstruction with autologous tissue and breast reconstruction with implants.

When we talk about breast reconstruction with autologous tissue, it means that we transplant tissue from different healthy parts of the body. The most diverse body parts are suitable for this: the large back muscle, skin and muscle from the inner thigh area or muscle or only skin-fat tissue from the abdomen. Even a part of the gluteal muscle can be used in such operations.

Which part is the most suitable one depends on several, very individual factors. For example, how large the operated breast is compared to the other breast. Also whether there is any excess skin on the abdomen or thighs. It must also be considered whether there are scars from other operations and whether the nipple must be removed completely or only the glandular/fatty tissue. The patient’s wishes regarding the size of the breast also play a role, as this also determines how much tissue is needed for an optimal result.

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