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Clean Sweep of Bad Habits

Well-tempered turnaround without excuses

Clean Sweep of Bad Habits

Alice: “Would you please tell me where to go from here?”
“That depends largely on where you want to go,” said the cat.
“Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Where our life leads is not always a question of circumstances, even if much of life is beyond our direct control. Rather, there is a whole series of decisions that we make ourselves and which thus significantly shape our lives. The question that always arises, as it does for Alice, is where we want to go with this life in which we are, after all, the main actors, producers and directors all in one.

Bad habits like to prevent us from achieving a desired goal in life. The unachieved life dream that is prevented by them can often develop into a frustration. For example, 40 cigarettes a day is a clear obstacle to participating in the Iron Man.

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