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For the active cancer patient
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Keep moving! Always!

The many benefits of physical activity include – physical, mental and self-care

“Why do some people tend to become particularly old?” This question was answered to me as follows: “Because they know the value of life and always keep going.” This got me thinking a lot. I came to the conclusion that people who are continuously moving mentally and physically usually grow very old. They are in a constant state of progress and also seem particularly content.

There is clearly a connection between physical and mental fitness, and there are scientific explanations for this nowadays. Exercise can make a big contribution to strengthening the immune system. In connection with cancer, it supports the creation of an environment in which cancer cells do not feel comfortable.

So it is a matter of staying mentally and physically consistently in motion.

For mental fitness, always keep an open mind, be curious, have a good night out and don’t be afraid to try something new or learn something new, it’s never too late. You can find many suggestions and tips in the section “Be mentally fit”.

Make yourself beautiful every day, take good care of yourself: Be a woman – continue being a woman!

Our To-Do or To-Go lists will also help you. Fill them with your heart’s desires and work through them, set yourself concrete goals and determine by when you would like to have accomplished certain things.

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