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Time out trigger for your “me time”

Find your personal trigger for an emotional time-out!

It is important to allow yourself a moment of inner peace filled with positive feelings regularly. With a little practice, you will be able to take a moment for yourself anytime and anywhere, and empower yourself.

Everyone can create a time-out trigger. You can choose any sign, scent, song, picture, touch, movement or even a word. It is important that you connect it with your positive feelings. To do this, recall a situation in which you were happy, content, calm and relaxed. Try to feel exactly how it felt and feel this pleasant emotions intensely. Then link it to your personal time-out helper. You do this by looking at the sign you have chosen, performing the movement you have chosen, smelling the scent or saying your personal magic word.

Repeat this exercise regularly for a longer period of time.

As soon as your time-out trigger is firmly linked to your positive emotions, it will trigger your relaxation phases quite automatically. Anytime – anywhere – just for you!

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