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Up the mountain, look far, follow the path, reach the goal

Winx and Nikki’s mountain love shows like.

Instagram photos of mountain peaks under a lightning blue sky, hiking boots, untouched nature, efforts of the ascent, victorious views of the vastness and solitude with nature. The young woman in the pictures is radiant, content with herself, happy, sporty and, it seems, in good health. Nikki is a mother, daughter, professional, fun-loving, loves French bulldogs, is close to nature, was a party queen and, she has breast cancer. What you see in her today is a tremendous strength that she gets from nature, through planned climbs and reaching the peaks she sets her mind to.

It wasn’t always like that. She undertook her first hike with Winx. At that time, she knew little about the power of nature. The many participants helped her to take her first steps towards willpower, perseverance, consistency and, above all, drawing strength from nature. Friends, her doctor, an MBSR expert and new companions who were still strangers helped her to move forward. Today, no mountain is too high for her, no ascent too long. Her photos under Nikkis_welt not only motivate, they also show that cancer does not stand in the way of physical exertion and that nature has an enormous power potential.

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